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Primary Languages Club

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School Children
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Primary Languages clubs

Children at primary schools are offered the opportunity to enjoy a fun and positive approach to language learning through weekly extra-curricular French and/or Spanish classes (lunchtime or afterschool).

​Each session is different and full of fun.  Kids are offered the opportunity to enjoy a fun & positive approach to language learning through songs, games and stories. “Puchi” the puppet mascot is always at hand to provide humorous interaction in the foreign language with the children.  I only speak in the target language as this is the best way to learn the second language and it’s all about communication!

​Parents are offered a pack updated on a weekly basis to give them a sense of involvement in their child’s learning experience of the foreign language. They will be familiar with the vocabulary their child learns. Not only they can reinforce it but they join in too!

​There are many benefits of learning a language at an early age:

  • Promotes early literacy skills.

  • Children learn faster and easier.

  • Improve problem solving and creativity.

  • Connect with other cultures and build tolerance.

  • Improve social and linguistic skills

​Each session is invaluable and children are given the confidence for when they start languages at secondary school or as reinforcement during primary school as part of the languages programmes of study from the National Curriculum.

​Weekly sessions are offered to ensure continuity of learning and allow students to be able to build on vocabulary learned previously.

Prices to be arranged with schools.

Lunchtime and afterschool sessions available

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